A story of hope where a son of a poor minibus driver in Batu, the City of Apples in East Java, Indonesia went on to become a multinational company director in New York, The Big Apple.

He was raised in a small house along with four sisters and loving parents. His father was a strong and tough man. He expected his son to grow up to be like him, a strong and tough minibus driver. His wish was if anything ever happen to him, his son would be the one who is responsible to support the family.

While his mother was the glue that held everyone in the family together. She expected all of her children could have the same opportunity to get high educations. She believed that education is the key to get out of poverty.

9 Summers 10 Autumns is based on a true story where the situation is commonly found in Indonesian families. The movie pictures the idea of ‘Indonesia Dreams’. It is a dream about discovering the strength through love and devotion of each other in a family.

Ihsan Tarore

Winner of 2006 Indonesian Idol singing contest who turns to be an actor. His talent in acting was rewarded the Most Favorite New Actor award in 2011 Indonesian Movie Awards.
Alex Komang

One of Indonesia’s most talented actor. Alex has starred in not less than 15 films, including the legendary film ‘Doea Tanda Mata’ where he won the Best Actor award in 1985 Indonesian Film Festival.
Dewi Irawan

Dewi has won many awards, including Best Actress in 1983 Indonesian Film Festival for her role in ‘Titian Serambut Dibelah Tujuh’ and Best Supporting Actress in 2011 Indonesian Film Festival (‘Sang Penari’/‘The Dancer’)

Ifa Isfansyah  Director

Ifa Isfansyah was born in 1979 and graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Art, Jogjakarta. He was selected to participate in the Asian Film Academy at Pusan International Film Festival 2006 and won a scholarship to the Im Kwon Taek College of Film & Performing Arts, South Korea. His short film ‘Half Teaspoon’ won an award for The Best Asian Short Film at the Hongkong Independent Film-Video Awards 2008. His second feature ‘The Dancer’ won for The Best Picture in Indonesian Film Festival 2011 and he was awarded for The Best Indonesian Director.

Director's Statement:

I've promised myself since I first started making films that one day I had to make a film about family. I am very interested in human relationships in the smallest social group.

Every family has a different pattern of relationships and conflicts. The family in this movie is a portrayal of the majority family in Indonesia, therefore it becomes important. Our society needs a reflection, a mirror to look at the situation of other family or of their own. That's how this movie should be enabled, as a rear mirror to be more confident moving forward.

I am not talking about suffering. I talk about the situation and how we should behave toward it. Even if there are tears, it is a natural from a process of looking back on all the memories. Likewise laughter should come after sadness, and also hope that grows after disappointment.

In time, all will be returned to the family. Because the truth is, they are really there for us. It's about a family. My family, your family, our family.